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Scholarship by Samsung Electronics for Final Year Students

Electronics Division of Samsung Asia offers scholarship for final year students (undergraduate) majoring in Business Administration, Art and Social Science. Application deadline is December 31, 2007.

Scholarship provider
- Samsung Electronics

Who Can Apply ?
- This scholarship reserved for final year students university.

- The students must have (top 10%) outstanding academic results.
- willing to work in the Marketing or Export Division of Samsung Electronics in Korea.

General Information About this Awards:

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Research Scholarship from The Government of Turkey

The Government Turkey offers scholarship for Indonesia students. The scholarship program that is offered by the government of Turkey consisted of some programs. Addresses for 11 Indonesia students. Scholarship that is on the market is 2 scholarships to research into, 2 scholarships for graduate program and 2 scholarships for Summer Course for Turkish Language and Culture. Although not available of scholarship for Postgraduate Program this year, if you want to request for postgraduate program, the government of Turkey will labor available of the scholarship for Indonesia student.

Scholarship given include; covers living cost per month for the price of 185 Lira Turkey and expense of hospital except for disease required old treatment and operation of complex, the participants nor burdened by filling fee and expense of study.

For further information, enthusiast can contact:

Ms. Selcan Sanli, First Secretary
Tel. 021-525 62 50 ext. 116
E-mail: selcansanli@telkomnet

Registration deadline of 30 Junes 2007, except for program Summer Course on Turkish Language date of 30 Aprils 2007

Scholarship for Senior High School Graduate Monbukagakusho

Offer of Monbukagakusho Scholarship for Senior High (SLTA) graduate will be opened by the end of May 31, 2007 and will be closed by June 27, 2007

At the moment, there is around 1600 Indonesia students is continuing the education in Japan. From the amounts, mostly are they receiving scholarship, either from the government of Japan, institution and also other company. The Government Scholarship of Japan that is enough to be recognized by Indonesia public is scholarship from Ministry of education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology ( Monbukagakusho/ MEXT). This scholarship covers expense of study and living cost, without any tying.

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Beasiswa SMA dan S1 Yayasan ORBIT

Yayasan Amal Abadi Beasiswa Orang Tua Bimbing Terpadu (YAAB ORBIT) memberikan Dana Bantuan Beasiswa ORBIT kepada generasi muda terbaik yang berprestasi namun tidak mampu dalam membiayai pendidikannya. Beasiswa ini ditujukan untuk siswa SLTA dan mahasiswa

Persyaratan penerima bantuan beasiswa (ANBIM=Anak Bimbing) ORBIT:

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Women International Club (WIC) Scholarship

Women International Club (WIC) offers scholarship level of :

- diploma 3 (non-degree)

- S1 (bachelor degree)

state university students in Jakarta, Indonesia.

For further information please contact:
Gedung Nyi Ageng Serang Lt.4
Jakarta Selatan
Ph. 021-5263302

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